Our Services

Lot Acquisition

If they don't already own a lot, we will help our clients find the lot to build their dream home.  Our company’s in-house real estate salesperson specializes in acquiring lots in Toronto and surrounding areas that are suitable for building a home.  Who better to find a lot than someone that understands real estate development?

Market Analysis

Why pour money into a property unless the investment can be recouped in the resale market? Our resident real estate salesperson will provide clients with a complimentary market analysis before they start construction.  This analysis gives clients a good understanding of what their property is worth before and after the job is done.

Construction Management

Our passion is taking what is on paper and making it happen.  We manage the project from design to finished product to make sure it is done right and thereby allowing our clients to spend time with what’s really important – family and friends.

Interior/Exterior Design

Lumar has worked with numerous urban designers that will help our clients put their dreams on paper.  Whether they are looking for a modern, contemporary or traditional design, we can find them the right person for the job.


Until the project is complete, banks may be reluctant to provide financing.  If our clients find themselves in this situation, we can put them in touch with private lenders that will provide required financing.


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