Lumar Custom Homes and Renovations is a customer centric company that is based on three pillars: quality, integrity and communication.



We have spent years sourcing tradespeople who take pride in their work. Our rolodex is what allows Lumar to consistently put out great work. We ensure that the people we hire continue to do excellent work through supervision at each stage of construction – from roughing in mechanicals to putting in their finishing touches.



As far as we know, there is no construction management company in Toronto that is confident enough in the work they do to offer clients a no-commitment guarantee. We don’t tie clients to contracts and we will not collect $1 unless they receive at least $1 worth of work. The roots of our company are based on one guiding principle.

If you want money, you gotta earn it and you gotta earn it through hard work and honesty.



We listen to our clients and encourage them to be involved at every stage of construction. It is our belief that great companies can only earn success through pleasing clients to the extent that they become active promoters of the business. We will work relentlessly to earn referral business.

Our Team

Luigi Novembre

Spending 15 years of his life on Bay St, Luigi decided to quit his coveted position working on the trading floor of a one of Canada’s largest banks to pursue his dreams of becoming a real estate developer. Construction runs in his veins and after several successful self-funded projects, Luigi finally decided to establish Lumar Custom Homes and Renovations on January 6, 2012. Luigi Novembre is also a registered real estate salesperson with the Real Estate Council of Ontario, a member of the Toronto Real Estate Board and the Ontario Real Estate Association.

Dave Domenegato

Our Chief Project Manager brings with him over 30 years of Construction Experience.  He recently left a large construction company where he was the head of construction of over 100 million dollar  condo projects in the downtown Toronto area.  Dave's recent inclusion in the company will provide Lumar with the technical and management experience necessary to successfully complete any job on time and on budget.

Nick Koutlemanis

Nick Koutlemanis is an accomplished carpenter with over 30 years of experience in the custom cabinetry industry. Nick's core responsibility is to manage our 6400 square foot cabinet shop division. With his experience and impressive portfolio of completed projects, Lumar Custom Homes and Renovations is one of the few construction outfits capable of doing all their custom millwork in-house. This allows us to pass on our savings to clients and reduces the time we need to complete your project.
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